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Enjoy Tripeaks Solitaire

On the table, before the game, there are three pyramids with cards. The bases of the pyramids are open:

  • During the analysis, all the maps of the pyramids gradually open. Below is a support column that shows the number of cards left;
  • In the right part of the deck is a card -key, for which you need to select a pair – a card with a face value of one or more than the key.

If there is no pair now, click on the deck and a new tab will open. Relax and turn away from things! Fans of classic solitaire games in Windows will enjoy this game.

Make your next vacation all the more enjoyable by playing Tripeaks with the whole family. Get inspired by the beautiful art of the bird and its chirping song, as you work your way through a number of levels trying to solve the mystery of ‘who is that Queen?’

Quick and easy interface and beautiful maps

Win rewards for solving each level of the tripeaks solitaire: more rewards means more regular points and coins. Complete each level of the Solitaire to win gems and credit cards: when you play this game online, it presents an opportunity to play with regular decks without using any additional solitaire decks. When you play the game offline, regular decks of cards are required. Cards are dealt in three piles: the first layer is the regular deck, the second layer consists of alternating special and ordinary cards, and the third layer is the ‘buy back’ pile, where you can collect fifty percent discounts on purchases you make.

Try all the new features of the game

A beautiful golden age is ushered in with the introduction of this tripeaks solitaire game. Beautiful golden colors and the sound of birds from all over the world fill the silence of this enchanting game. Enjoy playing cards from Egypt, Greece and Pakistan while you prepare for your next shopping spree!